Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Where do you get your wood from?

We source the trees we use from a privately owned woodland within Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.
On rare occasions we will use trees that are in private gardens but these are also within the Sherwood Forest region.

Do you buy the wood?


Every tree we use, we pay for. Once a fallen tree is deemed to be suitable, a price is agreed with the woodland owner. Only when we've paid for the tree are we allowed to start work on its removal, which in itself is a lengthy and costly procedure.

It is illegal to remove timber from woodlands/forests without the owners permission.

Do you take on apprentices?


Patrick Turk/Forest 2 Furniture has no plans now or in the future to take on apprentices, economics restrict us from doing so.

We live in a society that expects Master Craftsmen to pass on their skills and knowledge to trainees and for those trainees to be paid whilst they are learning, in other words they are expected to do so for free.

Many Master Craftsmen are coming to the conclusion that they, like university lecturers should be paid for passing on their skills/knowledge. Once a Master stops to teach, he stops earning and therefore no longer creates the income to support himself or his overheads let alone a trainee.

Where can I get training/apprenticeship?

There are many Cabinet Making courses available up and down the country but unfortunately there are very few if any Master Craftsmen taking on and training staff in the old ways of cabinet making.

Passing a course in cabinet making will not make you an instant Master Craftsman, this takes years of hard work beyond the initial 4 year apprenticeship.

Where can I visit your premises/showroom?

Our insurance prevents us from allowing visitors onto our premises.

If you wish to see pieces from the Forest 2 Furniture collection you can do so at the
Davenport Shop of Originality, Flying Horse Walk, St. Peter's Gate, Nottingham.